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Will the Goddess of Clean Eating at Goop accept comedian Jenny Yang’s invite to a healthy, MSG-seasoned feast? Can she be convinced to RSVP “yes” to dinner?

A new campaign, called #DinnerWithGoop, debunking myths about MSG (monosodium glutamate, aka “umami seasoning”), has just been launched by Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Per the campaign: “It’s time to talk about ‘clean eating.’ Because that term is messy AF. For years, Goop and the rest of the clean eating world have scared people away from perfectly safe foods, like MSG, without credible evidence. That’s why comedian Jenny Yang wants to have a fact-filled convo with one of the biggest promoters of ‘clean eating’—over a delicious home-cooked dinner. And spoiler alert: it’ll have plenty of MSG!”

Want to join the campaign? Post this on your social media pages:

Hey @goop – there’s no reason for you to avoid MSG, which is pure umami seasoning, and Jenny Yang wants to explain why. RSVP YES to her dinner invite @JennyYangTV.

And check out (and share) this one-minute video!:


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