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These resources address the role of glutamate in food and in our bodies, and examine the safety of MSG and MSG’s benefits.

Since its discovery in 1908, monosodium glutamate (MSG) has been used safely and effectively in food. A great deal of scientific research has been undertaken into its role and safety. This research, which has been reviewed by scientists and regulators around the world including the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, demonstrates that MSG is safe for everyone. Glutamate seasoning (also called umami seasoning or MSG) is the simplest, purest way to add umami to food.

MSGdish Channel on YouTube

MSGdish Channel on YouTube

Watch and learn about the science of monosodium glutamate – and be able to separate fact from fiction about this popular flavor enhancer!

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Savoring Umami on Facebook

umami flavor

Join the conversation!: Follow Savoring Umami on Facebook, to dish out fun facts about umami, chat about umami taste experiences, and share tantalizing recipes and photos.

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Nature Journal: "Taste"

Nature journal

Taste is central to our being, but this vital sense is only now becoming clear at the biological level. Scientists have identified the receptors that respond to the five basic stimuli of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami (savory), and are now exploring how the brain interprets them. Nature Outlook: Taste reports the latest findings from the front lines of flavor.

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Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Brochure: "Umami - The Science and Lore of Healthy Eating"

Umami - the 5th Taste

“Although the complexity of umami taste makes it difficult to both describe and recognize, we are unconsciously exposed to umami in everyday meals. What exactly is umami? What is the connection between umami and deliciousness What are the interactions of umami with our eating behaviors? The information here will help you understand the unique characteristics of umami and its potential benefits on taste and food consumption.”

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International Food Information Council Fact Sheet: "Monosodium Glutamate: From A to Umami"

MSG brochure

This Fact Sheet, called “Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): From A to Umami,” includes quick facts about MSG safety and uses, and has been reviewed by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

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Compound Interest Infographic: "MSG: Undeserved Reputation"


“Few ingredients come with as much baggage as monosodium glutamate. More commonly known as MSG, the compound has had a bad reputation for nearly 50 years, so we felt it was time to clear its name.” In this infographic and video, Compound Interest (part of the American Chemical Society) debunks MSG myths and explains why the scientific consensus is that this flavor enhancer, known for its savory umami flavor, is perfectly safe for the vast majority of people.

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Know MSG

MSG brochure
For decades, the “NO MSG” symbol — and the deep‐rooted xenophobia that inspired it — have scared people away from enjoying the culinary magic of monosodium glutamate (MSG). It’s time to know the facts.
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