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These videos feature a broad array of information about umami, glutamate, and MSG, as well as tidbits about savory foods, taste and health.

Visit the MSGdish YouTube Channel for more videos providing current information about glutamate, MSG and the many culinary creations inspired by umami.

What’s the Deal with MSG?
Take a tasteful journey through the history and science of monosodium glutamate and learn why MSG is not only safe, but the purest form of umami.

Umami and the Five Basic Tastes
Learn more about the five basic tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami. Each taste has a reason for being there and correlates with signals sent to the brain. For example, umami is our body’s way of perceiving or tasting protein.

What is MSG?
The science of MSG in less than one minute. Expert chef Chris Koetke provides a simple explanation about the science of monosodium glutamate.

PBS Food Series:
“Grape juice, walnuts, parmesan cheese, mushrooms, and anchovies all have one thing in common. It’s known as our 5th taste: umami! Find out the history behind this complex flavor while learning how to make the ultimate umami pizza.”

MSG Debate: The Science of Umami Seasoning
In this episode of “Flavor of Marriage,” Wendy and Jerry talk about the one ingredient that is in every dish you cook in the kitchen — Science. The happy couple explores the world of umami, glutamate and MSG.

Experimenting with Monosodium Glutamate and Umami in the Kitchen
Chef Chris encourages you to try monosodium glutamate (MSG) on different savory foods and examine the flavor perception. You’ll be happily surprised with the flavor boost!