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“Some people still claim to experience symptoms such as headaches or drowsiness after eating foods containing MSG but recent scientific research shows that, when consumed in moderation, MSG is harmless.”

— an investigative report by Michael George and Analisa Novak, CBS News, January 17, 2023

“While it is associated with being found in Asian dishes, it is also a common ingredient in American foods. It also occurs naturally in foods such as tomatoes and cheese, according to the Food and Drug Administration.”

“In culinary practice, MSG is a flavor booster included in dishes to add a sort of savoriness (or meatiness) to a dish.”

Chef Tim Ma, founder of the American-Chinese restaurant Lucky Danger in Washington, D.C., is proud of the fact that he adds MSG to every meal on his menu.

“Every dish has it in there, and we actually sit it here on the wok station because it’s the last component of every dish that goes out,” Ma said.

With his menu at Lucky Danger he’s hoping to bring a new perspective on MSG.

“Some people might say it might just be easier for you to avoid the whole thing and not use MSG.” “But then the food won’t be as good, right?” he said in the interview with CBS.

Read the entire article and watch the news segment on CBS News here.

This news article has been reprinted from with permission.